How much is the Rwanda visa fee in Nigeria?

The cost of a Rwanda visa for Nigerians varies depending on the kind of e-visa and processing time frame that travelers apply for. An electronic visa is often cheaper than a standard embassy-issued visa, so this is the perfect way to get an e-visa if Nigerians want to save money.

The fees depending on the processing time frame has 3 option provided by Rwanda Immigration Services:

  • Normal: The process will take 3 business days to obtain an e-visa.
  • Urgent: For Nigerians who want to get an e-visa within 2 business days. The price may be higher than the normal option.
  • Super urgent: It will take only 24 hours to process the e-visa. This is the most expensive price but it is worth it for those who are in an emergency.

All applicants must pay two types of visa fees, known as the service fee and the government fee, in order to apply for a visa to Rwanda from Nigeria. Generally, we will charge the service fees 69$ for one application. The government fees will cost from 90$ to 150$ for each application depending on different types of e-visa. There is a noticeable thing that the government fee is non-refundable if Nigerians’ application is rejected.

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