Rwanda Visa for Nigeria - Fees Visa in 2024

Rwanda is a travel destination that is on everyone’s bucket list. You must visit this beautiful African nation because it has everything to offer, from enchanting scenic views to a thriving, vibrant culture. Rwanda visa for Nigerian passport holders has now become faster than ever before. All Nigerian citizens can now apply for the Rwandan e-visa, which will allow them to obtain the visa on the spot. If you are a Nigerian citizen, you can now visit Rwanda for a limited time with an online visa.

To travel to Rwanda from Nigeria, Nigerian citizens must have a few other documents besides their online visa.

On this page, you can find all the necessary information about Rwanda visa for Nigerian citizens, including Rwanda visa requirements, visa fees, and how to apply for a Rwanda visa from Nigeria

1. Is Rwanda visa-free to Nigeria?

Nigerian travelers require a visa to enter Rwanda, even for short stays. However, Nigerian citizens will be pleased to hear that they can obtain a Rwanda e-visa.

The Rwanda electronic visa allows travelers from more than 100 countries, including Nigerian citizens, to enter the African country for up to 30 days.

A Rwanda visa for Nigerian allows visitors to access Rwanda without having to visit an embassy in person, submit multiple documents, or wait months for a reply.

Is Rwanda visa free for Nigeria?

Likewise, Rwanda visa electronics are suitable for the purposes of tourism and visiting family.

To visit the country for other purposes or for longer consecutive periods, it will be necessary to apply for a visa from a Rwanda embassy in Nigeria

Rwanda Visa Types for Nigerians:

The Rwanda electronic visa is only good for single entries, and those who require multiple entries must apply for a different type of visa. There are four types of Rwandan visas available to Nigerian citizens

  • Rwanda e-Tourist Visa: You can use this visa for a single entry to Rwanda and stay there for 30 days
  • Rwanda Conference Visa: It is released to let you enter Rwanda for conferences. This e-visa type allows you can stay for up to 30 days with this visa.
  • Transit Visa: If you need to transit through Rwanda territory, you will need a transit e-visa then you can leave the airport and travel to Rwanda for 03 days. A Transit visa allows you to see the local cultures and natural beauty of Rwanda before continuing on to your final destination.
  • East Africa Visa: The East African e-visa is designed for you and all travelers who want to travel in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. This visa allows travelers to get entry into the three countries, and all visitors should obtain a visa before departure. The visa will be valid for 90 days from the date of your first entry to Rwanda..

2. Rwanda visa requirements for Nigerian citizens

Rwanda has a number of e-visa requirements for Nigeria, which must be met to apply for a visa online.

These requirements include submitting a variety of documents and other items in support of the visa application. Nigerian travelers should have these items on hand when filling out the online form.

Rwanda visa requirements for Nigerian citizens

Rwanda visa requirements for Nigerian citizens include the following:

  • A valid Nigerian passport: A Nigerian passport that is valid for at least 06 months from the date of your arrival. The passport must also have at least two blank pages for stamps when entering and leaving the country.
  • Digital Photo: Another important requirement is a passport-sized photograph in PNG or JPEG format. This photo should be taken in color against a white background.
  • Email address: A valid email address is required for all applicants. Rwanda electronic visas from Nigeria will be sent to successful applicants via email, so they need to have access to the email address they provide

Because the Rwanda-approved visa is electronically linked to an individual passport, Nigerian citizens must use the same passport to complete the Rwanda e-visa application as they will use to travel to this country. Those with dual nationality should keep this in mind.

3. How to apply for a Rwanda visa from Nigeria

Citizens of Nigeria can obtain a Rwanda e-visa in 3 steps. The Rwanda e-visa application is accessible from any internet-connected device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer. It can take around 15 minutes for Nigerian travelers to complete the Rwanda visa application from start to finish.

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Rwanda visa processing is quick and simple, with most Nigerians receiving their approved visa within three to four business days.

Applicants should ensure that the information they provide exactly matches the information on their Nigerian passports. Errors, such as misspellings, may cause processing to be delayed.

The approved Rwanda visa for Nigerians will be emailed to the email address that applicants provided when filling out the e-visa application form.

The e-visa to Rwanda from Nigeria must be used within three months of leaving Nigeria for Rwanda. It can be used to stay in the country for 30 days.

4. How to travel to Rwanda from Nigeria

Rwanda's travelers may enter the country through a few approved ports of entry using their Rwanda e-visa. The most common way is to fly to Kigali International Airport, but the e-visa can also be used to enter through any land border checkpoint. Travelers from Nigeria must present a printed copy of their Rwanda e-visa along with their Nigerian passport to gain entry into the country.

5. How much is the Rwanda visa fee in Nigeria?

Rwanda visa fees for Nigerians vary depending on the type of permit requested. The fee of an electronic Visa is typically less than that of a traditional embassy visa. To apply for a Rwanda visa from Nigeria, all applicants have to pay two kinds of Rwanda e-Visa Fee, which are called Service Fee and Government Fee. In addition, you can add a small amount of money to your travel insurance to keep your benefits safe when traveling abroad.

For the government fee, you are required to add this fee to your payment list because by now, Nigeria is still not on the exemption list of Rwanda.

For the service fee, you are free to choose which is the most ideal option. In total, there are 03 available options for you to choose from, depending on your demand:

  • Normal: You will get your e-visa within 03 business days if you choose this type of service.
  • Urgent: You will get your e-visa in a faster time. To be specific, your waiting time will be a guaranteed 48 hours.
  • Super urgent: You will have the highest priority if you use this service type. For this type of service, you can get your e-visa within just 24 hours.

Payment method: there are 02 ways to pay your total receipt: electronic payment (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Paypal) and wire transfer (HSBC direct banking).

Is Rwanda a safe place to travel?

Rwanda has made significant progress in terms of safety and security in recent years and is generally considered a safe place to travel. The country has worked diligently to overcome the challenges of its past and has made substantial investments in security and infrastructure.

Besides, Rwanda Immigration Service also provides other service packages to help customers have a good trip to Rwanda such as Rwanda travel insurance, e-sim card in Rwanda, car pick-up services in Rwanda

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