Top unmissable Attractions to visit in Rwanda

By Jenna Jolie

Rwanda is a unique safari destination with a variety of tourist activities to cater for the interests for every type of traveller. With her history of the genocide, the country has so much to show the world about the events of the genocide and why it can never happen again.

Top unmissable Attractions to visit in Rwanda

The country is popular as its one of the three places where you can see gorillas in Africa, the Land of a thousand hills makes your trip amazing by giving you more to look up to on an African safari. The following among others are the places we do not want you to miss on you tour itinerary;

Gorilla trekking

It’s still the most famous and this adventure is always on all the safari lovers’ “to do lists” once you travel to Rwanda and miss on this it may be regarded as a half baked trip. It’s always one amazing hour with the gorillas but it keeps your mind guessing. In Rwanda, these world’s largest primates sleep with in the Volcanoes National Park in Musanze district. When you are done with this adventure other activities will be there too for you to enjoy.

Golden monkey Tracking

Still in the Volcanoes National Park, golden monkey trekking is another interesting activity one can enjoy on a visit to the park. Just like mountain gorillas, golden monkeys are also viewed for strictly one hour in the groups of 8 people per day; this amazing adventure rewards you with the playful monkeys jumping from one tree branch to another with freedom in their own natural habitat. While with these golden creatures, you need to be very fast with your camera shots because they keep moving around roaming from one place to another.

The Canopy walks

The well completed canopy walk way is around 50 meters on top of the ground level of the Nyungwe forest and about 90 meters long in the south of the Rwanda region. The fact that this walk is above the forest; it abundantly rewards you with a good eye contact with the primates within their homes the forests. It also gives an in-flight view of the valley which makes everything beautiful. Lovers of birds are on a good menu now because they will view several bird species that tirelessly visit the upper canopy layers.

Chimpanzee trekking and bird watching

This activity is best done within the Nyungwe forest which is a home to over 500 primate species within Rwanda. The forest has the silver monkey, red tailed monkey, L’Hoest monkey, Angolan colobus monkeys, as well as baboons. For that reason while you are in Rwanda and interested in viewing primates in their natural locale, you are greatly invited to trek them in the Nyungwe forest. This forest is also a dwelling to various African bird species and those fascinated with birding as an activity can always drop by and enjoy the spectacular creatures at their very best.

A visit to the Gisenyi beach

The Gisenyi beach is situated on Lake Kivu and it is also referred to as the new paradise. Gisenyi has the most developed resorts within Rwanda. The beach can reward you with several activities which include; diving, beach volleyball, sunbathing, boat cruising and of course swimming. You can participate in all this while enjoying the good view of the beautiful scenery of the area. While at Lake Kivu, you are chanced to learn about African bird species since the lake attracts a lot of bird species like the crown cranes and king fisher’s. The good time you will spend in Gisenyi will make you attempt a visit in Bwalirwa the brewery in Rwanda and also the manufacturer of the beers like Guinness, Mutzig and Primus. A good beer drinker on a trip is at an advantage here.

The Kigali Genocide memorial centre

As you look through a few things in history of 1994 about a massive massacre of millions of people, this tragedy was between two groups; the Tutsis and the Hutus. This centre in Gisozi gives you a chance to pay you’re last respects to the victims of the tragedy, the look at the hundreds of skulls assembled in this center will freak you out. Your Rwanda safari holiday is a must to visit the genocide sites and a tribute to the 1994 victims of the Genocide.