Rwanda Visa For Tunisian Citizens - Visa Fees in 2024

Traveling to Rwanda is on almost every Tunisian's bucket list. It is a wonderful country with many cultures to learn about, and one of the most significant advantages of visiting Rwanda is practical in nature. More than 200 nationalities, including Tunisians, are eligible to apply for a Rwanda e-Visa online. If you are eligible for such a document, you are no longer required to visit the Rwandan embassy to obtain a visa.

But you're probably curious about this document, and to make things easier, we'll answer the most frequently asked questions in this article.

To travel to Rwanda from Tunisia, passengers must first obtain a Rwanda visa. Fortunately, thanks to the new Rwanda e-visa for Tunisian citizens, they can do so online.

Rwanda e-visa for Tunisian citizens

Rwanda e-visa for Tunisian citizens

1. Rwanda e-visa for Tunisian citizens:

Tunisians who wish to visit Rwanda must obtain an e-Visa in order to enter and stay in the country. However, obtaining it on your own may be a time-consuming process. That is why Rwanda Immigration Services is here to assist you.

You can apply from any mobile device, and our experts will handle the rest.

Tunisia is among the countries whose citizens are eligible to apply for a Rwanda visa online rather than in person at a Rwanda embassy or consulate. The entire process takes only a few minutes, and travelers can apply for the e-Visa from the convenience of their own homes or offices.

The Rwanda e-Visa for Tunisian citizens is an official electronic document that grants a single entry to the country for citizens of Tunisia. This document is valid for 90 days from the date of arrival. In Rwanda, you can stay for a maximum of 30 days.

Tunisians can use the approved e-Visa to visit Rwanda for tourism, transit, and some business purposes.

Type of Rwanda e-visa

  • Rwanda tourist e-visa: Get the Tourist e-Visa for a more in-depth understanding of Rwandan culture. Tunisians can use this option to relax, visit loved ones, or explore the country for 30 days. There is plenty of time to appreciate Rwanda's culture. The Tourist e-Visa must be used within 30 days of arrival. It entitles you to one entry into Rwanda. Use our safe online application to get yours.
  • Rwanda transit e-visa: A long layover in Rwanda should not be something to fear. With the Transit e-Visa, you can leave the airport and stay in Rwanda for up to 03 days. Before continuing on to your next destination, take in the beauty of Rwanda's culture. Get an e-Visa for Transit here.
  • Rwanda conference e-visa: is an electronic visa that allows you to enter Rwanda for the purpose of attending a conference, meeting, or seminar. This visa is appropriate for you whether you are a conference speaker or attendee. This visa allows a Single Entry for a maximum stay of 30 days.
  • East Africa e-visa: Allows tourists to enter the Republic of Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda multiple times within the validity period of this visa. The visa is granted for a 90-day stay in these countries.

2. Rwanda e-visa requirements for Tunisian citizens:

Rwanda e-visa requirements for Tunisian citizens

Rwanda e-visa requirements for Tunisian citizens

Fortunately, the list of things that Tunisians must provide is short. In fact, it is so brief that Rwanda Immigration Services will do the majority of the work, and you will only need a few items to assist them in getting started:

  • Passport - Obtaining a passport will be simple, and if you already have one, ensure that it is still valid for at least 06 months from the entry date in Rwanda.
  • It is preferable to use a recent digital photograph. No facial gestures are permitted, and the background must be white.
  • A passport information page scan
  • Your email to obtain the Rwanda e-visa for Tunisian citizens

You should pay close attention to your passport and ensure that it meets the following two requirements:

  • It must be valid for at least 06 months after entry into Rwanda.
  • It must include at least 02 blank pages for verification.

3. How to get a Rwanda visa for Tunisian citizens:

The Rwanda e-Visa is a government-issued travel document that allows you to enter Tunisia. Because the process is entirely online, Rwanda Immigration Services has all of the resources you need.

To obtain a Rwanda e-visa for Tunisian citizens, follow these steps:

  • First, fill out the online form with your information and select a processing time that works for you.
  • Second, go over your information and pay with a debit or credit card for the service.
  • Third, send all required documentation and apply.
  • Finally, you should download and print out the Rwanda e-visa

If you're ready to start, then you can click here to fill in your form.

Tunisians can complete the Rwanda eVisa form in a matter of minutes if they have the necessary documents and information.

Electronic visa processing is also quick: most Tunisian travelers receive their approved permit within 03 business days of submitting their request. Passengers should allow extra time for processing delays.

Besides, you can choose to apply for a Rwanda visa at the Rwanda embassy in Tunisia if you want to visit Rwanda for other purposes.

4. Rwanda e-visa fees for Tunisian citizens:

We always offer a fast and safe process, but there is a small fee associated with it. The good news is that prices will vary depending on the processing option you choose. You can choose from the following options:

  • Normal: This plan is appropriate for people who are okay with the fact that the visa process will take a long time. The fees that must be paid are also minimal. This processing option takes 03 Business Days to grant your visa.
  • Urgent: You will receive your visa faster with this plan than with the standard plan. The fees are slightly higher as well. This processing option makes you wait 2 Business Days
  • This plan is extremely urgent, as it will complete visa processing within 1 Business Day. Although the fee is higher, the service is worthwhile.

To apply for a Rwanda visa online, you have to pay two (02) kinds of Rwanda Visa Fee, which are called Service Fee and Government Fee.

In addition, we recommend that you buy Rwanda travel insurance to have a smooth trip to Rwanda.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems while filling out the application form, we are always available to help.

More information on the Rwanda e-visa for Tunisians can be found here, or you can contact our customer service center if you prefer personal attention.

Get your Rwanda e-Visa from Rwanda Immigration Services today and start exploring the country's wonders!