Check Rwanda visa requirements for Puerto Rican citizens

Rwanda is known as the "Land of a Thousand Hills," and it has stunning scenery and warm, welcoming people. A trip to Rwanda will provide you with an unforgettable experience in one of the world's most remarkable countries. As the protectors of many iconic species, they are dedicated to ensuring their survival within their National Parks, and responsible tourism practices are prioritized. They are constantly working to ensure that they live in sustainable harmony with their environment, with a clean and green approach, thanks to community efforts.

The main reason people travel from all over the world to Rwanda is to see gorillas and primates (chimps and a variety of monkeys). The chance to see gorillas in their natural habitat is unforgettable. Encounters with gorillas in their natural habitat are carefully managed, with expert trackers and guides leading small groups of tourists up bamboo-covered slopes to spend an unforgettable hour just a few feet away from these gentle creatures. This can be a life-changing experience.

If you are a Puerto Rican citizen planning a trip to Rwanda, today is your lucky day. We've written this article to explain everything you need to know about Rwanda visa requirements for Puerto Rican citizens. We will also provide some travel tips to help you have the best time in this amazing country.

 Rwanda e-visa for Puerto Rican citizens

Rwanda e-visa for Puerto Rican citizens

1. Rwanda e-visa for Puerto Rican citizens:

Rwanda's government has launched a new e-Visa application scheme to make visa applications more accessible to visitors to the country. It aims to improve border security and increase the number of foreign visitors planning to visit Rwanda for tourism and business. It also aims to improve the visa issuance process by making it simpler and faster.

Puerto Rican citizens are among those on the list of nationalities eligible to apply for a Rwanda e-Visa. It is possible to apply for a Rwanda visa online prior to travel, eliminating the need to visit an embassy. Travelers at the border can still obtain a visa on arrival; however, long lines are common, especially during peak hours, and visa fees vary per person and can only be paid in cash.

The Rwanda electronic visa is a government-issued document issued by the Rwanda Government. The Rwanda e-Visa application process is simple. You only need to apply online, and once approved, it allows you to enter and travel within Rwanda. This Visa will be electronically linked to your passport.

There are four types of Rwanda visas available online, as discussed in the previous section. Puerto Rican travelers can choose among:

  • Rwanda tourist e-visa: This visa allows you to enter Rwanda only once and stay there for a maximum of 30 days from the arrival date.
  • Rwanda transit e-visa: If you have a long layover in Rwanda or just want to spend a few days in Rwanda before traveling to your next destination, you'll be interested in the Transit E-Visa. With this E-Visa, citizens of Puerto Rico can spend up to 03 days in Rwanda. Remember, you won’t be able to leave the airport without a visa of some kind. With a Transit E-Visa, you can explore Rwanda if you have a connecting flight in Rwanda and expect a long layover.
  • Rwanda conference e-visa: This permit permits a single entry for a period of 30 days, but can be used for any business purpose, including attending meetings, conferences, or negotiating contracts.
  • East Africa e-visa: This is the ultimate Puerto Rican travel package to Africa. You can visit Rwanda for up to 90 days with the East Africa E-Visa, and you can also enter Uganda and Kenya as many times as you want during your stay.

2. Rwanda e-visa requirements for Puerto Rican citizens:

Although the application process is simple and straightforward, each applicant is required to meet certain visa requirements in order to obtain the Rwanda e-Visa for Puerto Rican citizens. The application requires the following documents, which are listed below:

  • A Puerto Rican passport that is valid for at least 06 months from the intended date of entry in Rwanda. The vital information from the passport's biographical page, such as the passport number, expiration date, and country of origin.
  • At least two blank pages available in the passport.
  • A valid email address, as the visa will be sent via email.
  • A recent (within the last six months) digital color photograph of the applicant

Rwanda e-visa requirements for Puerto Rican citizens

Rwanda e-visa requirements for Puerto Rican citizens

3. How to apply for a Rwanda visa online from Puerto Rico:

Once you have all the required documents, you can continue the process by completing the application form. Even if the process is simple, you can contact our excellent support service at Rwanda Immigration Services, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The process to get the Rwanda e-visa for Puerto Rican citizens has 03 easy steps:

  • 1. The first step will require you to provide general and basic information such as your name, e-mail address, address, passport information, and so on.
  • 2. The second step includes revision and payment. It is critical that you enter the necessary information as precisely as possible.
  • 3. Finally, download and print out a copy of your eVisa before departing.

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  • Information for e-Visa (number of visa, type of visa, transportation method, port of arrival, and processing time)
  • Personal data: full name, birthdate, country, and so on.
  • Passport number
  • Contact information: email address

Processing time for the eVisa could take up to 72 hours (3 business days). In many cases, however, the approval time is much shorter - within 24 hours. At Rwanda Immigration Services, our average processing time for Rwanda e-visa is 24 hours.

Because you will not be required to submit a physical copy of your passport, it is critical that you double-check all the information you provide us.

When your e-visa is approved, it will be electronically linked to your passport.

4. Rwanda e-visa fees for Puerto Rican citizens:

Your application's processing speed determines the price of your visa. At Rwanda Immigration Services, you can choose from three options:

  • Normal: The slowest option is also the cheapest. Within 03 business days, your Rwanda visa will be ready for your trip.
  • Urgent: You can cut your waiting time in half. In contrast to the previous option, the application will be processed in 02 business days
  • Super urgent: In addition to being the fastest, this is the most expensive option. You will receive a response within 1 business day.

To apply for a Rwanda visa online from Puerto Rico, you have to pay two (02) kinds of Visa Fee, which are called Service Fee and Government Fee.

In addition, Rwanda Immigration Services recommend that you should buy Rwanda travel insurance. We are sure you are ready to acquire the Rwanda e-visa for Puerto Rican citizens as soon as possible. Let us give you a hand!