Rwanda Visa for Panamanian Citizens in 2024

Rwanda has long since moved on from its war-torn past and is now one of Africa's safest destinations. When I first arrived in the country, I was astounded because it didn't feel like Africa at all, but rather like Germany. In contrast to other Eastern African countries, there is strict law and order, no garbage on the streets, and lawns are manicured to impossible perfection.

Rwanda is a small country with only one activity that everyone knows about: gorilla trekking.

Traveling to Rwanda from Panama is now easier than ever because all visa applications and approvals are handled online rather than at an embassy or consulate.

This new, innovative method of applying for a Rwanda visa online has enabled many eligible nationals, including Panamanian citizens, to apply and visit the country.

The Rwanda online travel authorization system requires Panamanian citizens to fill out an online application form that includes personal questions about the applicant's identity, as well as the submission of supporting documents.

This article explains the Rwanda e-visa requirements for Panamanian citizens and how to apply for a visa online

Rwanda visa for Panamanian citizens

Rwanda visa for Panamanian citizens

1. Rwanda e-visa for Panamanian citizens:

If you are a Panamanian citizen traveling to Rwanda for business or tourism purposes, you will need a visa to enter the country. Previously, this was a complicated process, but since 2018, the Rwandan Government has introduced a simple online application form that allows travelers from Panama to apply for a Rwanda visa online.

The Rwanda e-Visa is a travel document that allows Panamanian travelers to enter Rwanda. Depending on your requirements, you have several options: Visas for single or multiple entries are available. All visas are valid for 90 days after the arrival date and allow for a total stay of up to 30 days.

Panamanian citizens are encouraged to use the e-visa system. Rwanda visas for Panamanian citizens can be applied for most conveniently through this method.

A Rwanda electronic visa requires no lines at the airport, no visits to the Rwanda embassy in Panama, and no waiting in line at the Rwanda embassy. Rwanda e-Visa applications are 100% online. Panamanian travelers can fill out their forms on their smartphones, computers, or other electronic devices.

A traveler receives an email with the approved visa.

The online application can be used for any type of Rwanda visa. It's critical to select the right visa for your needs, depending on why you're traveling and how long you intend to stay:

  • A single-entry tourist visa for Rwanda allows the travelers to stay in the country for up to 30 days for travel, tourism, short-term health treatment, or other activities permitted by the Law of the United Republic of Rwanda. The Rwanda visa has a maximum validity period of 03 months from the date of entry.
  • A Rwanda transit visa is available for visitors stopping in Rwanda on their way to another destination and intending to stay for no more than 03 days.
  • A Rwanda conference visa is available for professionals working in the country on a temporary basis or for anyone looking to invest in businesses. The visa authorization is valid for 03 months from the arrival date, allowing its holders to remain in the country for up to 30 days.
  • East Africa e-visa: Allows tourists to enter the Republic of Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda multiple times within the validity period of the visa. It is valid for 90 days from the arrival date.

To visit Rwanda for other purposes, Panamanian citizens are required to contact the Rwanda embassy in Panama.

2. Rwanda e-visa requirements for Panamanian citizens:

Rwanda visa requirements for Panamanian citizens

Rwanda visa requirements for Panamanian citizens

There are some requirements that Panamanian citizens need to meet in order to obtain a Rwanda electronic visa. The following is a list of the Rwanda e-visa requirements for Panamanian citizens:

  • All applicants are required to obtain a current passport. Furthermore, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Rwanda. So, before you apply, check the expiration date on your passport.
  • Digital scan of your passport’s biographical page - Rwanda Immigration Services will ask you to send us this document.
  • A photograph of the applicant. The image should be as recent as possible.
  • E-mail address - We will send you your visa via email, so make sure it is valid. Remember to print the document you receive. Preferably at least 02 copies.

If the passport is due to expire within 6 months and/or there are no blank pages remaining, Panamanian passengers should obtain a new passport before applying for the Rwanda e-Visa.

Once all of these requirements have been met, Panamanian citizens can proceed to the next step, which is to fill in the application form for a Rwanda electronic visa.

3. How to apply for a Rwanda visa online from Panama:

Panamanian passport holders should spend a few minutes filling out the Rwanda e-Visa application online for visitors to Rwanda.

The form will ask for basic personal and passport information such as the applicant's full name, date of birth, city of birth, travel document number, and details about their trip to Rwanda.

Applicants can obtain a Rwanda tourist visa from Panama in 3 simple steps:

  1. 1. The first one requests personal information such as your name, address, e-mail address, and so on. At this point, you should also choose a processing time, but keep in mind that your choice determines the cost of your Rwanda e-visa for Panamanian citizens.
  2. 2. The second stage involves payment and revision. You should be extremely cautious when revising your information because any inaccuracy or spelling error can result in the delay of your visa processing.
  3. 3. Last but not least, you will be required to send us some supporting documents. Rwanda Immigration Services notifies you of all the information you need to provide. When you're finished, click the submit button to finish the application process.

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Rwanda e-visa Processing Time From Panama:

The e-Visa to Rwanda is usually approved and sent in no more than 3 business days to Panamanians. However, there may be times when there is a delay.

Panamanian nationals are advised to begin their online process at least 07 days in advance to avoid problems with not having an electronic visa before the departure date.

4. Rwanda e-visa fees for Panamanian citizens:

Rwanda visa fees for Panamanian citizens

Rwanda visa fees for Panamanian citizens

Using Rwanda Immigration Services will not cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, you will notice that the price is well worth it. Why? Because Rwanda Immigration Services handles the majority of the legwork for you. You need to have some important things to do than squander an entire day on a scrap of paper. With this in mind, Rwanda Immigration Services offers 03 processing times of the eVisa from which you can select the one that best suits your needs. These are:

  • Standard Service: The slowest option is also the least expensive. Your Rwanda visa will be ready in 3 business days.
  • Urgent: With this service, you receive a Rwanda e-visa in 2 business days
  • Super urgent: Because it is the quickest option, it is also the most expensive. Your application will be processed in just 1 business day

There are two kinds of Rwanda e-visa fees that Panamanian citizens will have to pay to get an e-Visa to Rwanda, including a Rwanda e-visa service fee and a Rwanda Government fee. In addition, we recommend that you should buy Rwanda travel insurance to ensure a secure trip to Rwanda.