Rwanda visa requirements for Micronesian citizens

If you are planning a trip to Rwanda from Micronesia, you must first understand the Rwanda e-visa for Micronesian citizens. You'll be relieved to learn that Micronesian citizens can obtain a Rwanda e-visa online.

To get your E-Visa, you can utilize the amazing services of We have a team of experts who have extensive experience assisting customers at every stage of the application process. You can also contact them at any time if you have any questions.

Rwanda e-visa for Micronesian citizens

Rwanda e-visa for Micronesian citizens

1. Rwanda e-visa for Micronesian citizens

Most travelers, including Micronesians, no longer need to visit the Rwanda embassy to obtain a visa. Depending on your country of origin, you no longer need to wait in line or avoid traveling. If you are planning a trip to Rwanda, don't worry because there is a better option available. You can apply for a Rwanda e-Visa, which is the digital equivalent of visiting an embassy. It is so simple that all you need to get started is a computer or a smartphone with an internet connection. The best part is that you can apply for your visa without leaving your house.

Prior to your application, you need to check if you are eligible. Micronesians can access Rwanda immigration services’ website and then click on the check Rwanda visa status to help you easily track the progress of your Rwanda eVisa.

The Rwanda eVisa for Micronesian citizens is an electronic visa that is only available online and allows holders to stay in Rwanda for 30 days or 90 days depending on type of visa.

Rwanda implemented an electronic visa system in 2018 to assist foreign travelers in obtaining necessary visas quickly and easily.

For the following purposes, Micronesian citizens can obtain an online visa to enter Rwanda:

  • Tourism,
  • Leisure, and visiting family in the country.
  • Conference
  • Transit

Furthermore, applying online only takes a few minutes and can be done from home or anywhere else. While travelers pack and plan their trip, our team of experts handles the entire process!

Type of Rwanda e-visas:

  • Rwanda tourist e-visa: During your 30-day stay in Rwanda, you will not be able to work or study, but you will be able to relax, visit people you know, and enjoy all that Rwanda has to offer. Visitors from Micronesia have 30 days to use their Tourist E-Visa in Rwanda

The Tourist E-Visa is also easily obtained through a simple and secure verification process. Here you can get your Tourist E-Visa!

  • Rwanda transit e-visa: If you are expecting a long layover in Rwanda or simply do not have the time to relax, the Transit E-Visa is a great option. You'll have up to three days to see the sights with this E-Visa before your next flight. If Rwanda is not your primary destination, apply for a Transit E-Visa right now!
  • Rwanda conference e-visa: has a maximum validity of 30 days per entry and only allows one entry into Rwanda. You can obtain the Rwanda Conference E-Visa as a Micronesian citizen. This electronic visa enables you to visit Rwanda to attend or speak at a conference, meeting, or seminar.
  • East Africa e-visa: Want to have the most authentic East African travel experience? With the East Africa e-Visa, you will not only be able to visit Rwanda, but you will also be able to visit Uganda and Kenya without restrictions for the duration of your 90-day stay.

2. Rwanda e-visa requirements for Micronesian citizens:

Before you begin the online application process, you should double-check that you have the following items. The list of requirements is short, and you may already have some of the items on it. Here are Rwanda's e-visa requirements for Micronesian citizens:

  • Passports must have a 6-month validity period beginning on the date of your arrival in Rwanda. Check to see if there is one blank page for the visa stamps.
  • Passport photo - must be recent and meet the standards for passport photos.
  • Digital photo - the photo should be as recent as possible and follow all other passport photo guidelines.
  • Accommodation - a hotel booking confirmation, a receipt, or any other proof of lodging is sufficient.
  • Email address - Each visa that we provide to our customers is delivered via email. So please provide us with an email address that you use frequently.

Please keep in mind that if you have a criminal record, you should disclose it right away. This aspect has its own set of requirements, and special procedures may be necessary.

Rwanda e-visa requirements for Micronesian citizens

Rwanda e-visa requirements for Micronesian citizens

3. How to apply for a Rwanda visa online from Micronesia:

The application procedure is less complicated than other official procedures. You must complete a simple questionnaire, but you will be finished in less than 15 minutes, and if you have any questions or difficulties, you can contact's support service. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the service is free.

The form is divided into three steps.

  • 1. The first one requires you to enter some basic information about yourself and your trip. You must also select a visa type and a processing time. Both have an impact on the cost of your visa.
  • 2. During the second step of the form, you must make the payment and review your application for any errors or typos. You cannot make any changes after the fact.
  • 3. The final step consists of providing additional documents, but this step is done via email box. will notify you of what you must provide (other than the basic identification documents.) After 3 days processing, your Rwanda e-visa will be emailed to you in PDF format via email.

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The processing time for applications for the Rwanda e-visa for Micronesian citizens is three days from the time payments are received.

Micronesia applicants are advised to wait for the approval message via email before beginning their journey to Rwanda.

They can always check the status of their application online by entering their applicant ID.

4. Rwanda e-visa fee for Micronesian citizens:

Time constraints can be inconvenient for travelers. As a result, completes your applications as quickly as possible. There are three processing times available for you. Micronesians can select the option that best suits their budgets and needs. The options that will determine the cost of your Rwanda e-visa for Micronesian citizens are below:

  • Normal: If you can plan ahead, you can use this option. Your application will be processed in three business days.
  • Urgent: The price is slightly higher than with the previous option. Your application will be processed in two business days.
  • Super urgent: As you might expect, the price rises even further. Your application will be processed in one business day

Travelers must pay a fee for an e-visa

Travelers must pay a fee for an e-visa

To apply for a Rwanda visa online, you have to pay two (02) kinds of Visa Fee, which were called Service Fee and Government Fee.

In addition, we recommend that you buy Rwanda travel insurance to enhance your trip to a new level. With this type of Insurance, travelers are no longer about additional fees while traveling abroad related to your luggages and medical treatment.

We have established the highest security standards for all our services. We can help you with the Rwanda visa for Micronesian citizens. Please contact us any time if you need help, our well-trained staff will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding the visa.