Rwanda visa requirements for Italian citizens

With a variety of tourist activities to cater to the interests of all types of travelers, Rwanda makes for a unique safari destination. The country can tell the world a lot about the genocide and how it cannot happen again with her history of the genocide. In addition to being one of the three places in Africa where you can see gorillas, the Land of a Thousand Hills makes your safari more enjoyable by giving you more to see.

Travelers from over 200 countries, including Italy, are eligible to apply for a Rwanda e-visa. Italian citizens who intend to visit Rwanda for tourist purposes must obtain an e-visa prior to their trip.

Rwanda e-visa for Italian citizens is an electronic travel authorization that eliminates the need to visit an embassy or consulate because the entire process is completed online.

This article contains all the information Italian tourists need to obtain their Rwanda visa from Italy

Rwanda e-visa for Italian citizens

1. Rwanda e-visa for Italian citizens:

If you’re an Italian citizen, you’re eligible to apply for the Rwanda electronic visa. Travelers from Italy can apply for a Rwanda e-visa before arriving in this country. With an electronic visa, Italian citizens can stay in Rwanda for up to one month.

The Rwanda electronic Visa for Italian citizens, abbreviated as the Rwanda e-visa, is an official travel document required for certain foreigners wishing to enter the Republic of Rwanda. It is easier to obtain than a paper visa because it is processed electronically.

The Rwanda visa for Italian citizens is valid for up to 90 days from the date of arrival. In addition, you can only enter Rwanda once with this visa.

Rwanda electronic visas are valid for visits to the country for tourist activities, relaxation, and visiting family. Transit visas are also available for e-visa to Rwanda.

The Rwanda e-visa allows Italian citizens to apply online and obtain an approved e-visa to gain expedited entry upon arrival in Rwanda.

E-visa holders can only enter Rwanda through certain points of entry, which include major airports and land border crossings. Travelers arriving by cruise ship will be unable to enter Rwanda with an e-visa because it cannot be used for entry at Rwandan seaports.

Citizens traveling to Rwanda, for other purposes such as to study or work, are required to contact the Rwanda embassy in Italy .

Rwanda visa types for Italian citizens:

When applying for a Rwanda e-visa as an Italian national, keep in mind that this visa type is only valid for tourism and leisure purposes.

Italian citizens who wish to work, study, or stay in Rwanda for an extended period of time must apply for other types of visas. There are 04 types of electronic visas in Rwanda

  • Rwanda e-Tourist Visa: The tourist visa online is available for citizens of Italy to visit Rwanda for tourism, sightseeing, visiting relatives/friends purposes. The tourist e-visa for Rwanda allows a single entry and you can stay for up to 30 days from the date of arrival.

  • Rwanda Conference Visa: The Rwandan Conference E-Visa is an electronic visa that allows you entry to Rwanda if you are going for conferences. You can use this visa for a single entry to Rwanda and stay there for up to 30 days from the entry date.

  • Rwanda Transit Visa: Transit e-visas for Rwanda allow the traveler to stop in the country for a maximum of 03 days before taking another flight.

  • Rwanda East Africa Visa: It allows travelers to travel to Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda with just one visa. With the Rwanda East Africa Visa, you can travel to three countries and stay there for up to 03 months from the date of your first arrival in Rwanda.

2. Rwanda visa requirements for Italian citizens:

In order to submit an e-visa application, it is first necessary to meet the following Rwanda visa requirements for Italian citizens:

  • Valid Italian passport: Having an Italian passport that is not expired and has at least two blank pages for Rwanda border stamps. The passport must be valid for at least 06 months after the date of entry into Rwanda.

  • A digital photo: A recent color photograph of the applicant, taken within the last 06 months.

  • A copy of the passport’s biographical page.

  • Email address: While successful applicants' online visas will be linked to their passports, they will also receive an email with a digital copy of the e-visa. This copy should be printed in physical form in case the holder is required to present it to Rwanda immigration authorities.

To complete the Rwanda e-visa application from Italy, the applicants must use the same passport that they use to travel to Rwanda. This is due to the fact that the approved visa is electronically linked to a specific travel document. Applicants who hold dual citizenship should keep this in mind.

Rwanda visa requirements for Italian citizens

3. How Can I Apply for the Rwanda e-visa from Italy?

The application process for a Rwanda e-visa for Italian citizens is quick and simple. The entire process is completed entirely online and takes less than 15 minutes. Please keep in mind that each traveler must fill out a separate application form.

Italian citizens can apply for a Rwanda visa online in 03 simple steps.

After all of these steps are complete, applicants can go ahead and submit their applications.

The Rwanda e-visa processing time is typically 03 business days or less depending on the type of visa service Italian applicants chose. The approved Rwanda e-visa for Italian passport holders will be emailed to the Italian applicant's email address as specified on the original application. It is recommended that Italian nationals apply for the e-visa at least three days before traveling to Rwanda in order to have a stress-free holiday or business visit.

4. Rwanda visa fee for Italian citizens:

Because the Rwanda visa process is fast and there is no need to visit an embassy, it is one of the most affordable permits available. Italian travelers can pay the visa fee online as they finalize their applications. Most bank cards (Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, American Express) or wire transfers are accepted through the secure payment gateway.

To obtain a Rwanda visa from Italy, you have to pay two (02) kinds of Rwanda e-Visa fees , which are called the Service fees and Government fees. In addition, we recommend that you should buy Covid-19 Insurance. With this insurance, you will be protected against many risks, especially the Covid pandemic, when you are not in your home country.

For the service fee, there are 03 available options for you to choose:

  • Normal: You will receive your e-visa result within 03 business days when you choose this type.

  • Urgent: This e-visa type can help you get your e-visa within 48 hours.

  • Super urgent: This e-visa is a highest priority that can help you get your e-visa within 24 hours.