Rwanda visa requirements for citizens of Cocos islands

The East African country has recently emerged as a popular tourist destination for citizens of Cocos Islands. They pay special attention to Nairobi, Africa's most important commercial city. Furthermore, because shopping in Rwanda is relatively easy, Macedonian visitors frequently visit its commercial centers and popular markets not only in Nairobi but also in other cities such as Mombasa, Nakuru, and Lamu.

If you are a citizen of the Cocos Islands planning to visit Rwanda, then you need to apply for a Rwanda visa for citizens of the Cocos Islands. In 2018, Rwanda applied for an electronic visa system, allowing visitors to apply for visas online.

This page explains the Rwanda visa requirements for citizens of the Cocos Islands and how to apply for a visa online.

Rwanda visa for citizens of Cocos Islands

Rwanda visa for citizens of Cocos Islands

1. Rwanda e visa for citizens of Cocos Islands:

The e-visa is an electronic visa that is available to citizens of certain countries, including Cocos Islands. All citizens of Cocos Islands need a visa for Rwanda, no matter the length or purpose of the intended stay. Visitors can apply for a visa for Rwanda from Cocos Islands and stay for up to 30 days or 90 days depending on determination on types of visa.

The Rwanda e-visa is an online visa which allows eligible travelers to apply online rather than visiting an embassy or consular office in person. The Rwanda e visa for citizens of Cocos Islands is valid for tourist activities, relaxation, and going to visit family in the country. Moreover, Cocos Islands citizens can apply for an e-visa with the purpose of conferences and transit.

Type of Rwanda e-visas:

Citizens of Cocos Islands can choose from three types of e-visas, which vary depending on your travel purpose:

  • Rwanda tourist e-visas are valid for 3 months from the date of entry for tourism-related activities purposes. The Rwanda tourist e-visa covers a stay of up to 30 days in Rwanda.
  • Rwanda conference e-visas: This electronic visa is valid for 3 months from the entry date and allows a visit to Rwanda if citizens of Cocos Islands want to attend or speak at a conference, meeting, or seminar. The Rwanda conference e-visa has a maximum validity of 30 days and allows a single entry to Rwanda.
  • Rwanda transit e-visas: It is primarily intended for travelers who intend to transit through Rwanda and stay for less than 72 hours.
  • East Africa e-visa: Another option for travelers seeking the full African experience is the East Africa e-Visa which is valid for 3 months from the arrival date. You will have the same opportunity to explore Rwanda, but you will also have the opportunity to visit between Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. You can enter and exit Uganda and Kenya as many times as you want during your 90-day stay with the East Africa e-Visa.

2. Rwanda e visa requirements for citizens of Cocos Islands:

Rwanda immigration service has made the application streamlined and simple. You only need to submit basic documents, which are easy to obtain, and the Rwanda immigration service will handle the rest. Below is the list of Rwanda e-visa requirements for citizens of Cocos Islands what you need:

  • Valid passport: You must have a valid passport issued by the Cocos Islands government that will not expire within the first 6 months of your arrival in Rwanda.
  • The passport must have at least two blank pages for the Immigration Officer to stamp.
  • A scan of the biographical page of the passport
  • Having a valid email address - This is required for obtaining visa information as well as e-Visa approval.
  • A passport-style photograph of the candidate. The photo can be attached to the application along with a copy of the biographical page of the passport, or it can be emailed later.
  • A flight schedule for all of your trips to and from Rwanda.

Because the passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of arrival in Rwanda, documents that expire sooner will be rejected for an e-visa application. In such cases, the passport must be renewed before proceeding with the application process. Citizens of Cocos Islands with dual citizenship and multiple passports should be aware that the e-Visa form must be completed with the same passport that will be used to travel to Rwanda.

Rwanda e-visa requirements for citizens of Cocos Islands

Rwanda e-visa requirements for citizens of Cocos Islands

3. How to get a visa for Rwanda from the Cocos Islands:

The Rwanda e-Visa application form for citizens of Cocos Islands is an online questionnaire with simple and straightforward questions that Cocos Island residents can typically answer in 15 to 20 minutes.

Personal information and passport information must be provided:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Date of arrival and departure in Rwanda

Citizens of Cocos Islands who are eligible for the Rwanda e-Visa can apply online in 3 steps:

Step 1: Fill out the electronic visa form

Step 2: Pay the fees and submit the request

Step 3: Download and print out the Rwanda e-visa

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After citizens of Cocos Islands submit their Rwanda e-Visa application, it is processed within 1 to 3 business days. Those who will receive an email confirmation containing an Accepted Visa Grant Notification and a Visa Application Notification Letter if they provided all of the correct answers and met the e-Visa requirements. When they receive them, they should print a copy of each and bring it with them to Rwandan immigration control.

4. Rwanda visa fees for citizens of Cocos Islands:

Rwanda e-visa fees for citizens of Cocos Islands

Rwanda e-visa fees for citizens of Cocos Islands

The Rwanda visa fees vary depending on the type of visa and the method of application used. We offer the Rwanda e-Visa at because it is all you need if you have a Cocos Islands passport. However, because we work hard to simplify the online process and provide you with your e-visa as quickly as possible, we charge a small fee. This fee covers both the e-visa and the government fee, so once you apply, you won't have to calculate anything else.

Our fees are calculated based on the amount of time it takes to prepare your e-visa.

You have the following options:

  • Normal: While this is the longest processing time, it is only waiting in 72 business hours.
  • Urgent: Because the processing time is shorter, you'll have your e-visa in 48 business hours.
  • Super urgent: Because this is the quickest processing option, it only takes 24 business hours for a higher fee.