Rwanda visa requirements for Chilean citizens 2024

Rwanda is one of many countries where a visa is required upon arrival. We've noticed an increase in the number of passengers at Rwandan border crossing points, and the Rwandan government has implemented a simple solution: electronic travel authorization.

At first glance, a country with spectacular natural beauty is enticing. White beaches entice you to take a relaxing vacation. Experience a safari where you can interact with wild animals in their natural habitat.

Rwanda is a one-of-a-kind country in every way, which is why it is such a popular tourist destination. The first step before purchasing an airline ticket is to determine whether your nationality is eligible for an electronic visa authorization.

If you have a Chilean passport and want to visit Rwanda, there are a few requirements you must meet in order to obtain a Rwanda visa. The application process for a Rwanda visa is quick and easy, and you can usually expect to receive your visa in a few days.

If you are looking for more information on how to get a Rwanda e-Visa for Chilean citizens, the documents needed, and the process, we have prepared a step-by-step guide below.

Rwanda e-visa for Chilean citizens

Rwanda e-visa for Chilean citizens

1. Rwanda e visa for Chilean citizens:

Chilean travelers must have a visa to enter Rwanda. Chilean citizens can apply for an electronic visa (e-Visa) according to the Rwanda visa policy.

The Rwanda e-visa for Chilean citizens is an electronic visa that allows visits to the Republic of Rwanda for tourism, leisure, and visiting family in the country. By applying online, you can obtain it quickly and easily.

By applying for an online visa, Chileans no need to make appointments at an embassy or consulate.

An e-Visa can easily be obtained from the comfort of their own homes. It is possible to get a Rwanda visa from Chile using any computer or device with an internet connection.

Rwanda e visa for Chilean citizens is a single-entry visa authorization that is valid for 03 months from the arrival date.

Chileans who wish to visit Rwanda for purposes other than tourism are advised to arrange a visit to the Rwanda embassy in Chile.

Type of Rwanda e visas:

As you are aware, the purpose of your stay must be specified in the application form. As previously stated, the Rwandan government has four types of e-visas prepared for travelers.

  • Rwanda tourist e-visa: If you plan to spend your vacation in Rwanda, you should get a tourist e-Visa that is valid for 03 months after you arrive in the country. This type of e-Visa allows you to enter the country only once and stay for 30 days.
  • Rwanda conference e-visa: is necessary if you are going for business meetings. It also allows for a single entry with a stay for 30 days.
  • Rwanda transit e-visa: When it comes to transit, you need to apply for a transit e-Visa. With this type of visa, you can have a short trip of up to 03 days to Rwanda while transiting through this country.
  • East Africa e-visa: This is the ultimate East African experience e-Visa. During your 90-day trip to Rwanda, you can visit Uganda and Kenya with the East African e-Visa. You will be able to enter and exit Uganda and Kenya as many times as you like.

2. Rwanda e-visa requirements for Chilean citizens:

Rwanda e-visa requirements for Chilean citizens

Rwanda e-visa requirements for Chilean citizens

Starting an online application to request the Rwanda electronic visa will necessitate Chilean nationals meeting a number of requirements. These are some examples:

  • Valid Chilean passport – Make sure it has at least two blank pages for verification and is valid for at least 06 months after arrival.
  • A digital copy (scan) of the biographical page of the passport
  • Recent passport-sized digital photo, in any format
  • E-mail address: You need to provide an email address that is frequently used to receive the Rwanda eVisa.

Your Rwanda e-visa for Chilean citizens will be electronically linked to your passport, but you will still need a copy to show at the immigration office once you arrive in Rwanda

It is advisable to have all the above prepared before starting the application form, to make the process as fast as possible.

3. How to get a visa for Rwanda from Chile:

The application form on Rwanda Immigration Services was created to make your journey planning easier. This three-step application form can be completed in a matter of minutes. If necessary, you can also contact Rwanda Immigration Services's customer service. They are always ready to take your call and assist you.

Step 1: Complete the Rwanda online visa form for Chilean citizens

Step 2: Pay the visa processing fee

Step 3: Receive the approved visa by email

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In addition to providing information and supporting documents, the Chilean applicants will need to complete the Rwanda electronic visa application in 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Type of visa, transportation method, port of arrival, and processing time
  • Name, date of birth, gender, and country of citizenship
  • Chilean passport number.
  • Date of arrival and departure in Rwanda

How to get a visa for Rwanda from Chile

How to get a visa for Rwanda from Chile

The usual Rwanda e-Visa processing time from Chile is up to 1 to 3 business days.

However, Chilean travelers should apply as early as possible and at least 72 hours before their trip to make sure they receive the e-Visa on time.

The accepted Rwanda e-Visa is a digital format linked to the Chilean holder's passport. The border officer may ask to see a copy of the traveler's Chilean passport along with the approved e-visa when entering Rwanda.

4. Rwanda visa fees for Chilean citizens:

To apply for a Rwanda visa online from Chile, you have to pay two (02) kinds of Rwanda Visa Fee, which are called Service Fee and Government Fee.

Because of our quick processing times, you won't have to worry about any delays in your journey with Rwanda Immigration Services. You can select one of the following options based on how quickly you want your Rwanda e-Visa in your inbox:

  • Normal: This is the longest processing time, with a 72-hour wait.F However, as you can see, it is not that long, especially for tourists who plan ahead of time.
  • Urgent: If you want your e-Visa faster, your e-Visa will be in your email inbox in 48 hours.
  • Super urgent: If you need to travel as soon as possible, this is the best option. Your e-Visa will arrive in your inbox within 24 hours. This, however, will be the most expensive service.

In addition, we recommend that you should buy Rwanda travel insurance. By obtaining travel insurance, your visa application is issued by the Government of Rwanda easier.