Rwanda Visa For Cameroon Citizens - Visa Fees in 2024

Rwanda is an African country with a rich natural and cultural diversity; this country exemplifies Africa's power and magic. The country is well-known because it is one of only three places in Africa where you can see gorillas. The Land of a Thousand Hills enhances your African safari experience by providing more things to look forward to.

Citizens with a Cameroonian passport must apply for a visa before traveling to Rwanda. The Rwanda Visa for Cameroonian citizens is a great option for this issue because it is available online.

Choosing an electronic visa to visit Rwanda eliminates the need for Cameroonian citizens to visit a local embassy or present paper documents to apply: the e-visa to Rwanda from Cameroon territory is meant to be obtained completely online.

Find all the information and requirements for the online Rwanda visa from Cameroon in this article.

Rwanda visa for Cameroonian citizens

1. Rwanda visa for Cameroonian citizens

Any Cameroonian citizen who wishes to travel to Rwanda must first apply for a Rwanda visa. There are several types of visas for Rwanda available to Cameroonian citizens, depending on the reasons for travel and the amount of time spent in the country.

The online visa (also known as Rwanda Visa for Cameroonian citizens) is by far the simplest option for Cameroonian passport holders, as it can be obtained quickly and effortlessly from anywhere in the world.

The Rwanda e-visa for Cameroonian citizens is an electronic travel authorization that allows Cameroonians and citizens of several other eligible countries to visit Rwanda.

For other purposes, such as working, studying, or residing in Rwanda, travelers should contact at Rwanda embassy in Cameroon

Benefits of the Rwanda e-visa for Cameroonian citizens:

One of the primary benefits of the Rwanda e-visa is that it allows over 200 nationals, including Cameroonian citizens, to visit the country without first visiting a diplomatic mission. The validity of the Rwanda e visa is 03 months from the arrival date.

Another advantage of the online visa to Rwanda is that it allows Cameroonian citizens to select from four different visa options based on their travel circumstances.

  • Rwanda e-Tourist Visa: is used for tourism, sightseeing, and visiting relatives/friends purposes. This visa allows Cameroonian nationals to visit the country once for a stay of up to 30 days.

  • Rwanda Conference E-Visa: is a travel document available for Cameroonian visitors to Rwanda for a conference, meeting, or seminar. This visa allows only one entry into Rwanda, with the staying time being within 30 days from the day travelers arrive in the country.

  • Rwanda Transit Visa: If travelers from Cameroon hold a transit visa, they can leave the airport and have a short trip in Rwanda for 3 days from the arrival date.

  • East Africa Visa: This is a Joint Tourist Visa issued to Cameroonians traveling to Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda on a trip for tourism purposes. With this type of e-visa, Cameroonian travelers can enter 03 countries multiple times, with a total staying time of 90 days from the arrival date.

Regarding the actual visa application process, visitors from Cameroon should be aware that it is quite simple and takes no more than 15 minutes to complete.

2. Rwanda e-visa requirements for Cameroonian citizens

Cameroonian passport holders must provide personal information as well as some supporting documents in order to successfully apply for an e-Visa to Rwanda. These are the Rwanda e-visa entry requirements that all international visitors eligible for an e-visa must meet.

The Rwanda e-visa requirements for Cameroonian citizens include the following:

  • The applicant's Cameroonian passport must be valid for at least 06 months from the arrival date in Rwanda. The passport needs to have a minimum of 02 blank pages for entry/exit stamps.

  • A current passport-style photograph of the applicant. This must be a color photograph taken within the last six months, against a white background, with a neutral expression.

  • An email address to receive the approved Rwanda e-visa for Cameroonian citizens

Applicants from Cameroon should use the passport they intend to use for travel to Rwanda on the application. If the passport is about to expire, it should be renewed before applying for an e-visa.

Cameroonian applicants are ready to apply for a Rwanda e-visa once they have gathered the necessary documents and met the general visa requirements for Cameroonian citizens

Once all the requirements noted above are met, Cameroonian citizens may apply for their Rwanda e-visa.

Rwanda e-visa requirements for Cameroonian citizens

Rwanda e-Visa for a Cameroonian minor:

It is important to note that everyone who wishes to travel to Rwanda must obtain their own e-visa. This also includes minors.

However, parents and guardians can fill out the application form on behalf of their children.

When entering the country, every applicant, whether applying for themselves or on behalf of a minor, must ensure that each individual passport has a minimum validity of 06 months.

3. How to apply for a Rwanda online visa from Cameroon:

The application process for Cameroonian citizens to obtain a Rwanda e-visa is simple and easy.

This is accomplished through the Rwanda e-visa online application, which is accessible from any internet-enabled device and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Travelers from Cameroon can apply for a Rwanda visa online in 3 steps

  • Step 1: Fill in the electronic visa form for Cameroon citizens. In this step, applicants are asked to provide their personal information, which includes their first name, surname, date of birth, gender, passport serial number, date of issue, date of expiry, nationality, and contact information.
  • Step 2: To pay the Rwanda e-visa fee online. There are 02 payment methods Cameroonian citizens can choose from: Electronic transfer (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Paypal) and Wire transfer (direct HSBC bank transfer).
  • Step 3: Download the Rwanda e-Visa and print it out.

All Cameroonian travelers must ensure that the information provided during the application process is complete, accurate, and matches the information on their passport. It is recommended that visitors carefully review their form before submitting it.

After completing and submitting the online application, the traveler can usually expect to receive an approved Rwanda e-visa within 24 hours. However, visa processing can take up to 03 days in some cases, so it is critical to submit an application at least a few days before the intended date of arrival.

Cameroonian nationals will receive a confirmation email. We recommend that they print a copy and keep it with their travel documents before departing.

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