Check Rwanda visa requirements for Bruneian citizens

It's a word you hear at every corner: 'Jumbo'. This is the Rwandan way of greeting.

This country is located in eastern Africa, on both sides of the equator. Rwanda always has a cheerful atmosphere and always welcomes everyone to its door, but it is worthwhile to prepare ahead of time.

To enter the country, you must first check whether your nationality qualifies for an electronic travel authorization.

Rwanda e-visa for Bruneian citizens

Rwanda e-visa for Bruneian citizens

The Rwanda e-visa for Bruneian citizens is an online visa that grants the holder permission to travel to the Republic of Rwanda. The e-Visa allows holders of passports issued by Brunei to visit Rwanda on holiday. With this electronic travel permit, Bruneians can stay for up to 30 days.

Learn about the Rwanda visa requirements for Bruneian citizens and how to apply for a Rwanda visa online

1. Rwanda e-visa for Bruneian citizens:

Almost all foreign nationals need a visa in order to be able to travel to Rwanda for tourism, leisure, and visiting family in the country. Obtaining an electronic visa for Rwanda from Brunei is the quickest and most convenient way to get a visa (e-visa).

Brunei is one of over 200 countries eligible for a Rwanda e-visa. The simple online Rwanda visa application is quick and easy to complete. You can apply from anywhere with an internet connection. This avoids the need to go to a Rwanda embassy in Brunei.

The Rwanda e-Visa, introduced in 2018, is an online electronic visa authorization that allows eligible citizens to visit Rwanda for short-term stays for touristic purposes.

Bruneians with an e-Visa can enter Rwanda once and stay for up to 30 days.

You can apply for a Rwanda e-Visa on our website whenever you want because our online service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.To stay in the country longer than a month, or for other travel purposes, Bruneian citizens must apply for a visa at the Rwanda embassy in Brunei

Type of Rwanda e-visas:

The first step in applying for a Rwanda e visa for Bruneian citizens is determining which Rwanda visa type is best suited to the applicant's trip:

  • Rwanda tourist e-visa: If you want to spend your vacation in this country, you must apply for a tourist e-Visa. This document allows you to stay for up to 30 days with a single entry and is valid for 30 days after approval.
  • Rwanda conference e-visa: This visa is designated for attending business meetings, conferences, etc., and you can stay there with this visa for a maximum of 30 days.
  • East Africa e-visa: This is your best option if you really want to see what East Africa has to offer. With this e-Visa, you will be able to visit Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya for a rich experience. Visitors can visit nations and stay for 90 days with this visa.
  • Rwanda transit e-visa: allows you to leave the airport and spend up to three days in Rwanda. Please keep in mind that it is not required if you are taking a connecting flight.

2. Rwanda e-visa requirements for Bruneian citizens:

Brunei, like many other countries, has a few basic visa requirements for Bruneian nationals that must be met in order to obtain an e-Visa. Bruneian citizens will need to submit extra documents and information when applying for a Rwanda visa online. The following documents are required to apply for a Rwanda e visa for Bruneian citizens:

  • A valid Bruneian passport: Your passport should be valid for at least six months after the date of your arrival.
  • You need a valid passport with at least a couple of blank pages to stamp your entry and exit.
  • A scan of the information page of your passport: this is really important while completing the form.
  • A valid e-mail address: Because will send you the document via e-mail, remember to fill out the applications with your exact personal information. If you do not type in the correct information, you will not be able to get your visa, which is unfortunate because you will have to start the application process all over again. If you double-check your spelling before submitting your application, you should be fine.
  • A recently taken digital photo in any format.
  • International travelers applying for a tourist, family visit, or transit e-visa for Rwanda must also provide their travel itinerary.

Rwanda visa requirements for Bruneian citizens

Rwanda visa requirements for Bruneian citizens

The passport must be issued by Brunei or another country that is eligible for the Rwanda e-Visa. From the date of arrival in Rwanda, it must remain valid for at least six months.You must take a digital photo that is the same size and style as a passport photo. It must be a recent image of the Bruneian applicant.

An e-Visa will be delivered to the email address provided with the application if the email address is correct. It must then be printed and brought from Brunei to Rwanda.

3. How to get a visa for Rwanda from Brunei:

It is simple and straightforward to apply for a Rwanda visa online from Brunei. In order to apply online, applicants must provide information such as their full names, date of birth, addresses, passport numbers, travel plans, and reasons for visiting Rwanda. The application process takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

Travelers can obtain a Rwanda visa for Bruneian citizens in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Complete the Rwanda e-Visa application form online

Step 2: Pay the e-Visa processing fee

Step 3: Submit the online Cambodia visa application

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The approval process should take between 24 and 72 hours. As soon as their travel dates are finalized, applicants should submit an application, up to one week before their intended entry date into Rwanda.

As soon as the visa is complete, the e-Visa is linked to the applicant's passport and an email notification is sent. Applicants will also receive a copy of the visa via email. To gain expedited entry into Rwanda, travelers must present a printed copy of their Rwanda e-visa along with their passport.

4. Rwanda visa fees for Bruneian citizens:

The fees of Rwanda visa for Bruneian

The fees of Rwanda visa for Bruneian

There are two kinds of Rwanda e-visa fees that Bruneian citizens will have to pay to get an e-Visa to Rwanda, including a Rwanda e-visa service fee and a Rwanda Government fee.

The price of the Rwandan e-Visa is not high, however, all will depend on the processing time and visa type:

  • Normal: If you select this option, your Rwanda e-Visa will be emailed to you within 3 business days. This is the processing time you have available.
  • Urgent: This option may reduce the application processing time by one day. Your application will be reviewed within 2 business days.
  • Super urgent: If you have an emergency and need to get on a plane to Rwanda as soon as possible, this is the option for you. It is delivered to you in just 1 business day. As you might expect, the price is also much higher than the two previous processing times.

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