Check Rwanda visa requirements for Bolivian citizens

The fact that Bolivian citizens are no longer required to go to the Rwandan embassy for visas is a huge selling point for the Rwandan tourist board. It means that if you have a Bolivian passport, you can enter Rwanda without having to travel long distances to obtain a paper visa. However, you must still apply for an electronic document, which is much easier to obtain because it is all done online.

The digital document you need to visit Rwanda is the Rwanda e-Visa, and you can get it in the most stress-free way by using We’ve prepared for you with this brief guide, so you can be ready to apply online and prepare for your next trip to Rwanda

For Bolivian citizens, there is an easy and fast way to obtain a Rwanda e visa for Bolivian citizens before your departure.

Rwanda e-visa for Bolivian citizens

1. Rwanda e-visa for Bolivian citizens:

To enter Rwanda, Bolivian citizens must obtain a visa. Bolivian tourists can use the e-visa for Rwanda online system to apply for an electronic visa before their intended departure date.

The Republic of Rwanda introduced the e-visa system in 2018. It is an online visa to facilitate travel to the country for short-term durations. Citizens from Bolivia are eligible to apply and use the e-visa to visit Rwanda for the purposes of tourism/leisure, visiting family, and transiting through the country.

This electronic visa eliminates the need for Bolivian travelers to make an appointment at an Embassy or consular office. The e-Visa application process takes less than 30 minutes, and they can complete it from the comfort of their own home.

The Rwanda e-Visa application is entirely online; travelers are not required to visit the embassy at any time. Travelers apply electronically and receive their approved e-Visa via email.

The Rwanda e-Visa for Bolivian citizens is valid for 03 months from the date of arrival, giving Bolivian visitors the freedom to enter Rwanda whenever they want.

Bolivian nationals who wish to stay in Rwanda for longer than one month, or for non-tourism activities, must get a traditional paper visa.

Besides, you can also apply to get a regular visa at Rwanda Embassy in Bolivia .

Type of Rwanda e-visas:

  • Rwanda transit e-visa: Visitors who take transit e-Visa can stay in Rwanda for up to 72 hours and head to other countries.
  • Rwanda tourist e-visa: If you plan to stay in Rwanda for more than a few days, the Tourist E-Visa is a great option. Bolivian visitors can use this e-Visa to relax, visit friends and family in Rwanda, or simply explore the sights. You'll have plenty of time once you arrive in Rwanda to see everything this beautiful country has to offer. The visa allows the stay duration of up to 30 days from the arrival date, with a single entry into the country.
  • Rwanda conference visa: This visa is a travel document available for travelers who want to visit Rwanda for a conference, meeting, or seminar. It is valid for 03 months from the arrival date, allowing Bolivian nationals to enter Rwanda once and stay in the country for 30 days.
  • East Africa e-visa: Do you want to make your African visit even more amazing? The East Africa Visa is the best visa for Bolivian tourists who want to explore more. You will be able to cross the borders of Uganda and Kenya multiple times during your 90-day stay, in addition to Rwanda.

2. Rwanda e visa requirements for Bolivian citizens:

Applicants are required to supply the following to meet the Rwanda e visa requirements for Bolivian citizens for the online application:

  • A Bolivian passport that is valid for at least 06 months from the date of intended arrival in Rwanda, with a minimum of 02 blank pages for verification.
  • Digital copy (scan) of the passport bio page
  • Email Address: will send you the processed Visa via email and will also communicate with you about the other procedures via email. You must include a valid email address in your form.
  • A digital photo: It is recommended that the photo is recent. Face gestures are not allowed, and the background must be white.

Rwanda e visa requirements for Bolivian citizens

After receiving the approved visa via email and printing a copy, the applicant must present it along with their passport when entering Rwanda.

The approved e-Visa is associated with a specific travel document. As a result, it is critical that the applicant uses the same passport to submit the online Rwanda visa application as they will use it to travel to Rwanda. Applicants who hold dual citizenship should keep this in mind.

Similarly, if the applicant's passport is about to expire within 06 months from the intended date of arrival in Rwanda, he or she must apply for a new one to apply for Rwanda visa for Bolivian citizens

3. How to apply for a Rwanda visa from Bolivia:

The Rwanda visa application form for Bolivian citizens is straightforward and easy to complete. Applicants must complete the online application form with the following personal, passport, and travel information:

  • Full name, nationality, date of birth, and gender
  • Passport number
  • Date of arrival and departure

The process of obtaining a Rwanda e visa for Bolivian citizens only involves three simple steps:

  • Complete the online Rwanda visa application for Bolivian citizens
  • Pay the visa fee using a debit or credit card, American Express, Visa Card, Master Card, or Wire Transfer to our HSBC bank account
  • Download and print a copy of the Rwanda electronic visa

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Mistakes or inaccuracies on the form may cause your application to be delayed or even denied, so it is critical that you answer all the questions on the application correctly. Before submitting their application, applicants should carefully review all the information they enter.

Applications can take up to 01 to 03 days to be processed (sometimes longer on rare occasions). Applicants should bear this in mind and apply for the e-Visa, allowing plenty of time for their application to be processed.

The Rwanda e-Visa is electronically linked to the passport of the Bolivian holder. It is recommended, however, to carry a copy of the approved e-Visa with you when entering Rwanda, as the border officer may ask to present it alongside the traveler's Bolivian passport.

4. Rwanda visa fees for Bolivian citizens:

In Rwanda's Immigration Services, we understand that the total price might be a concern for most Bolivian Citizens. But don't worry, rest assured that rwandaimmigration’s amazing service rate is affordable. The cost of a Rwanda visa depends on two factors: the processing time and visa cost. There are three available options for visa cost:

  • Normal: Since it is the cheapest option, most applicants go for it. Your Rwanda e visa is ready within 03 business days
  • Urgent: The price is slightly higher than the previous one. And, of course, the processing time is shorter. You receive your Rwanda e-Visa in 02 business days
  • Super urgent: As you can expect, the price goes even higher. Your travel document is ready within just 24 hours.

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