Rwanda e-visa requirements for Bahamian citizens

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The Bahamas is among the countries whose citizens are eligible to apply for a Rwanda e-Visa online.

Obtaining a Rwanda visa for Bahamian citizens eliminates the need for Bahamian travelers to apply for the visa at a Rwanda Embassy, a process that frequently necessitates standing in long lines and gathering numerous paper documents.

The e-Visa makes it easy for Bahamian citizens visiting Rwanda for leisure to apply online from the comfort of their homes.

Rwanda e-visa for Bahamian citizens

1. Rwanda e-visa for Bahamian citizens:

One of the most frequently asked questions about visiting this African country is, "Do Bahamians need a visa to visit Rwanda?"

The answer is yes. According to the Rwandan Government, most foreign citizens, including Bahamians, require some form of travel authorization in order to enter the country legally.

The Rwanda e-visa for Bahamian citizens:

  • Valid for 03 months from the arrival date.
  • A single-entry visa

A tourist, leisure, or family visit to Rwanda can all be accomplished with an electronic visa from the Bahamas. In addition, Bahamian citizens can also use a Rwanda e Visa to enter the country for participating in conferences, and transiting through Rwanda.

Bahamians who wish to visit Rwanda for other reasons (such as relocating, volunteering, or studying) are advised to contact their Rwanda embassy in the Bahamas for more information about the proper visa.

Type of Rwanda visas:

  • East Africa tourist visa: The East African Tourist Visa is granted to visitors who enter Rwanda and then travel to another country in the "East Africa Community" (in addition to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda are part of it). With this visa, Bahamian travelers can visit three countries and stay there for up to 90 days.
  • Rwanda tourist visa: If you are visiting Rwanda for vacation, you must apply for a Rwanda tourist visa, which allows you to enter the country and enjoy the various excursions, and safaris, and visit the various places in Rwanda has to offer for vacation. You are granted Single Entry, and your stay in Rwanda is limited to 30 days from the arrival date.
  • Rwanda conference visa: This visa is ideal when you are being invited to a conference in Rwanda, or you are willing to do business within the country, but your stay in the country cannot exceed 30 days from the date of your arrival.
  • Rwanda transit visa: will allow the tourist to stay in Rwanda for 72 hours, that is, the Bahamian citizens will be able to transit through Rwanda and have a short trip within 03 days.

2. Rwanda visa requirements for Bahamian citizens:

There are some Rwanda visa requirements for Bahamian citizens looking to apply for the Rwanda e-Visa. You will also need to submit the following documents and details with your application:

  • A Bahamian passport valid at least six months from the date of arrival in Rwanda
  • For the Immigration Officer to stamp the passport, there must be at least two blank pages.
  • Digital photo: The online Rwanda visa application requires all applicants to have a recent passport-size photo that was taken within the last 06 months.
  • A valid email address is required for all travelers. In order to receive the visa, successful applicants must still be able to access the email address they provide.
  • Methods of payment – accepts multiple methods so that you can opt for the one that is most convenient for you. You can use a debit or credit card, visa, PayPal, American Express, Master Card, or Wire Transfer to our HSBC bank account

If the passport is due to expire within 06 months and/or there are no blank pages remaining, Bahamian passengers should obtain a new Bahamian passport before applying for the Rwanda e-Visa.

Once all of these requirements have been met, Bahamian citizens can proceed to the next step, which is to apply for a Rwanda electronic visa

How to get a visa for Rwanda from the Bahamas

3. How to get a visa for Rwanda from the Bahamas:

Once a traveler has enough of the basic documents listed above, they should proceed to the portal and fill out the application form. If travelers have any concerns, they should contact our support and customer service right away.

The service is available online 24*7 and free of charge.

It’s quick and simple to apply for a Rwanda visa online from the Bahamas. The 03-step application process can be completed in just a few minutes.

  • Step 1: Complete the online application form.
  • Step 2: Pay the Rwanda visa fee.
  • Step 3: Then, they will then receive their e-Visa via email.

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It is critical that all information and documentation be available in order for this application to be processed as efficiently as possible.

Processing time for the Rwanda online visa from the Bahamas:

The Rwanda e-Visa for Bahamian citizens takes one to three days to process. Bahamian travelers are advised to begin the application process for a Rwanda visa at least 72 hours before the expected travel date. This will ensure that the applicant receives their electronic visa on time.

It is not required, but it is recommended that Bahamian nationals have their electronic visa printed out and carried with them when arriving at any of Rwanda's airports or border crossings.

4. Rwanda visa fees for Bahamian citizens:

The Rwanda visa fees for Bahamians depend on the type of visa required. Rwanda is eligible for 03 different e-Visa: tourist visa, conference visa, transit visa, and East Africa e-visa

The price of a Rwanda visa online is generally lower than the visa fees at the Embassy. Bahamians applying for an e-visa pay for the Rwanda visa fee securely online by debit or credit card, visa, PayPal, American Express, Master Card, or Wire Transfer to our HSBC bank account

To apply for a Rwanda visa online, you have to pay two (02) kinds of Rwanda Visa Fee, which are called the Service Fee and Government Fee.

For processing time, Global immigration services offer three processing options:

  • Normal: You can obtain your e Visa to Rwanda within 03 business days. Most applicants choose the standard type because it is the least expensive option.
  • Urgent: The cost goes a bit higher than with the previous option, and you can expect to get a Rwanda e Visa within 02 days.
  • Super urgent: As you can expect, the price goes up a bit more. However, you can receive your e Visa just within 01 day.

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