Useful Rwanda Travel Tips For First-time Visitors

By Jenna Jolie

Rwanda is known as the “land of a thousand hills” with superb sceneries, famous for its mysterious rainforests with the call of more than 200 colorful birds. Rwanda's natural beauty is a major draw for travelers who are able to discover some of the country's wonders through tourist attractions and reserves. To fully enjoy the trip, visitors had better keep in mind some useful Rwanda travel tips before setting off on their travels to Rwanda.

Pocket some Rwanda travel tips to experience interesting things in Volcano National Park

When traveling to Rwanda, visitors will be mesmerized by the beautiful landscape of national parks, tea plantations, and the lovely lake. Their trips will be more enjoyable if travelers get some useful Rwanda travel tips. It is worth mentioning that nature in Rwanda will not disappoint visitors because of the mysterious lively rainforests with many colorful birds that certainly give visitors a unique experience in Rwanda. Rwanda is also renowned for its Volcanoes National Park which is considered home to some of the world's last remaining mountain gorillas.

The combination of stunning scenery and abundant wildlife makes gorilla trips an adventure traveler's dream. If you are passionate about hiking, Volcanoes National Park is an ideal destination for this trip. According to indigenous people, the best time to visit Volcano National Park is during the dry season from June to September. At this time, mild days with less rainfall make for the most comfortable hiking conditions. In order to enjoy hiking, visitors need to plan in detail about what they want to do in the park and remember to bring plenty of drinking water with them. It is a good idea for travelers to bring a DSLR camera to take some great photos of active volcanoes.

Rwanda travel tips to experience interesting things in Volcano National

Rwanda travel tips to experience interesting things in Volcano National Park

Some best Rwanda travel guides that visitors had better research beforehand

Checking the weather forecast regularly is one of the best Rwanda travel guides recommended by everyone when traveling to Rwanda. It is clear that checking the weather in advance can be of great help for travelers to choose appropriate clothing while on vacation, ensuring that they can move freely and are comfortable on their hikes and game drives. Visitors had better bring clothing that they can wear in layers since the highlands can be cool in the evenings. Furthermore, to prevent mosquitoes and insects during the journey to Rwanda, visitors need to bring long-sleeved shirts and long pants that cover their feet, along with insect repellent.

Before traveling to this magnificent land, visitors should learn some Rwanda travel guides that can help them prepare better for the adventure they encounter. It is important to keep a close eye on the kind of visas needed for your trip. Remember that Rwanda has different visa regulations so it is necessary to check the visa requirements applying for a Rwanda visa and other travel necessities.

Although the official currency of Rwanda is the Rwandan franc, we recommend that travelers bring US Dollars or Euros in cash due to US dollars being widely accepted in Rwanda. Furthermore, some payment methods such as Visa credit cards are generally accepted at major hotels in Kigali, so make sure you have enough cash ready for payment.

Travelers had better research some Rwanda travel guides beforehand

Travelers had better research some Rwanda travel guides beforehand

One of the most important pieces of Rwanda travel advice for first-time travelers is always seeking permission before taking a photo and respect their wishes even if they refuse. Even if people allow tourists to take pictures of them, it is only for personal use and can be posted on social media, but not for commercial use.

Rwandans are keen on keeping their country clean and beautiful even if visitors are traveling in Rwanda's capital Kigali or any of its cities, it is essential to keep the environment clean. The country’s ban on plastic bags began in 2008 so visitors are discouraged from bringing any type of plastic bag into the country.

Rwanda travel advice related to Rwanda’s culture

Rwanda travel advice related to Rwanda’s culture

In conclusion, if you are planning to visit Rwanda this coming holiday, you had better learn more about Rwanda Travel Guide before setting off on your trip. If you need assistance with Rwanda eVisas or services for your travel to Rwanda, please contact us.

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