Is a Nigerian passport visa free to rwanda?

The answer is NO. Unfortunately, Nigeria is not in the passport visa free countries list. If Nigeria citizens wish to visit Rwanda, they must own a valid visa for entering this country. If they do not have a valid visa or an e-visa, they will be barred from travel to Rwanda at the airport. Luckily, Rwanda has approved e-visa application forms for more than 100 different countries that can apply including the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Thanks to this amendment, citizens of Nigeria can obtain an e-visa to meet the need of traveling to Rwanda.

Travelers of Nigeria can check whether they are eligible for having an e-visa or not at here. If Nigeria is eligible for applying for an e-visa. Please check and prepare all the necessary documents in order to meet the e-visa requirements before registering for a Rwanda e-visa.

We are having experts always available 24/7 to support Nigeria citizens if they have any questions! Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information that is provided by Rwanda Immgration Services. Applying for a new e-visa becomes more simple when you have prepared conditions and documents through our services. Let's apply to experience Rwanda right now!

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