How much is a visa for Rwanda from South Africa?

A Rwanda visa fee is based on the total fee of the Rwanda government fee and service fee. The government charge is non-refundable when you complete the visa application form. The service fee can be changed depending on South African citizens’ purposes to enter Rwanda with which type of e-visa and the processing time to be granted a Rwanda e-visa.

Generally, the government e-visa fee for Tourist/ Conference/ Transit e-visa is 90$. The East Africa e-visa cost 150$ by the government. Besides, our service fee is charged 69$ and this can be higher depending on travelers’ needs for having an e-visa for types and processing time aspects. In case South Africa citizens want to get a Rwanda e-visa sooner, they can apply for a Rush Visa service instead. However, South African citizens might be charged a high fee if they choose that option.

All the cost of e-visa Rwanda Immigration Services has been announced publicly at the Visa Fees for South African travelers can refer. All electronic payment will be accepted with credit or debit card, Visa, Master Card, American Express or Paypal. In addition, South Africa citizens can transfer money through the Bank of Cyprus. All your payment processes will be secured on our website.

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