How long can Nigerians stay in Rwanda?

The types of Rwandan e-visa Nigerians apply will affect the duration of stay in Rwanda. Most Nigeria travelers want to spend more time visiting Rwanda, however, Rwanda e-visa only allows short-term visits for Nigeria citizens.

Rwanda Immgiration Services provides Nigeria travelers the most simple and quick digital portal to apply for e-visa. Generally, there are 4 main types of Rwanda e-visa regulate the length of stay that Nigerians can consider before applying:

Tourist e-visa: Is valid for 3 months and allows travelers to stay in Rwanda for 30 days in total with the purpose of visiting your loved one, enjoying the greenery and exploring the mystery beauty of Rwanda.

Conference e-visa: Is valid for 90 days and permits Nigerian travelers to stay for 30 days to engage in business activities such as purchasing, negotiating, etc. or attending a conference, meeting.

Transit e-visa: Is valid for 3 months but Nigeria citizens can only stay in Rwanda for 3 days. This type of visa is for those who need a temporary stay in Rwanda and then keep traveling to another country.

East Africa e-visa: Is valid for 3 months and allows Nigerian citizens to travel to Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda without applying for e-visa for each country.

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