How can I pay the Rwanda visa fee for US citizens?

Once you apply for Rwanda e-visa, you must pay the Rwanda government charge and service charge. Therein, the government charge can not be refunded once applied. The service fee can vary depending on the type of e-visa and the process time to obtain an e-visa that Nigerian nationals want to choose. In case Nigeria travelers want to receive Rwanda e-visa sooner, they must pay a much higher fee when applying for an e-visa.

At Rwanda Immigration Services, after choosing and double checking the information in application form, we are recommending Nigerian visitors make payment by electronic payment method such as credit card/ debit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express or Paypal) and wire transfer to the Bank of Cyprus. All payments that are mentioned can be acceptable, others that are not in the lists are not acceptable.

All your payment process will be protected on a secure website using a firewall to prevent all information such as Nigerians’ personal information and card number to be leaked out for any nefarious purposes. Moreover, all your information will be encrypted then sent to us. So do not worry about whether your information might be leaked or not because we are taking precautions from being lost, missed use and unauthorized access.

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