Do US citizens need a visa for Rwanda?

If US citizens are questioning whether they need a visa for Rwanda, then the answer is YES. In 2018, the Rwanda government made an e-visa digital system available for more than 100 countries to apply for an e-visa online and receive it in a matter of days. The United States is one of the eligible countries for being granted an e-visa through the online system. As a result, citizens of the US must own a valid visa in order to enter Rwanda easily.

Previously, US citizens would schedule an in-person interview with embassies or consulates and waste a lot of time waiting in a long line. The price is also costly when they have to find the nearest country which has the Rwanda Embassy. However, there is one Rwanda Embassy right in the US nation. Nowadays, there are no worries because all travelers from the US can apply for an e-visa totally online at Rwanda Immigration Services in just a few minutes.

Once US citizens apply for an e-visa, the result will be sent to their email. Remember to print it out before going to the airport. The border control will accept the paper document only and reject the digital one. At the moment, there are 2 specific airports that accept e-visa at Rwanda are Kamembe and Kigali International Airport. The US can choose 1 in 2 airports to enter Rwanda using e-visa.

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