Do UK citizens need a visa for Rwanda?

The answer for this question is YES. Rwanda is a small East African country that attracts visitors from all over the world, mainly to see its critically endangered mountain gorillas. Every traveler who wishes to visit Rwanda must have a valid visa. Unfortunately, the United Kingdom is not in the exempt country list for visa free so UK citizens must apply for an e-visa in order to enter Rwanda. If you have not had an e-visa yet? Please access Rwanda Immigration Services to apply for an e-visa.

E-visa is an electronic document which is authorized by the Rwanda government for UK travelers. This type of visa allows UK citizens to enter Rwanda for tourism, conference and transit. Before, UK travelers have to go to the Embassy to manage an in-person interview with embassies for granted an e-visa. However, e-visa is the best option for travelers to request in just a few minutes to complete the online form with an electronic device.

We are provide an easy-to-use online system for UK nationals to apply for an e-visa easily:

  • Step 1: Fill out the personal information and passport number into online application form
  • Step 2: Double check the information and make sure there are no incorrect words and typo. Then make a payment on our secure website.
  • Step 3: Get e-visa through your email and print it out before going to the airport.

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