Do I Need to Print My Rwanda Visa for Canadians?

YES. At the border control, the officer will accept the paper e-visa only so Canada travelers must print Rwanda e-visa before going to the airport. In case you didn't know, the e-visa result will be sent to your email address in PDF format. That is why Canadian citizens must print out before going to the airport. At the border control, the officer will only accept the paper document rather than the PDF one. We are recommending that Canadians should print at least 2 copies of e-visa so that you have a spare. You will never know when you will lose one.

If you haven’t prepared yourself a Rwanda e-visa, you could apply for one now. Rwanda Immigration Services brings the smoothest online portal for Canada nationals to apply for an e-visa easily in just a few minutes. After making payment, within 3 working days. Canadians will receive an e-visa and have permission to enter Rwanda. Remember to check your passport is still valid at least 6 months from the date of entry. If you have children with you, Canada parents on behalf of their child to complete the form and have their e-visa. You should also print your child’s e-visa to check at the border control.

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