Do British citizens Need a Transit Visa When Stopping in Rwanda?

The answer is absolutely YES. If British nationals travel to another country but not Rwanda. They can stay in Rwanda while waiting for the next flight IF ONLY they have a transit e-visa. If not, UK visitors will be rejected to enter Rwanda at the border control. All travelers who intend to visit or go through Rwanda must have a valid visa and a valid passport.

A transit e-visa is a document showing that British citizens have permission to pass through Rwanda but only stay for 3 days there. During this time, British travelers can stop in this country and take a rest before attending the next flight. The process to get a transit e-visa is very simple. All British travelers have to do is fill out the application online form for having an e-visa. After completing, if travelers prepare enough documents needed, it will only take 1 or 3 business days to have an e-visa.

The e-visa for Rwanda result will be sent to your email address that you gave us when filling the form. Remember to print it out with the flight information before going to the airport. If any British citizens do not have a transit e-visa, they will be barred from stopping or entering Rwanda.

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