Can US citizens work in Rwanda with an e-visa?

If US citizens are confused about whether they can seek employment in Rwanda? The answer is NO. US citizens can only apply for an e-visa for short-term business trips. As mentioned before, conference e-visa is the most suitable for US citizens who want to take part in business activities such as a conference, meetings, discussions that take place in Rwanda. This type of visa is valid for 3 months after being issued. During this time, US nationals can enter and engage in business once only for 30 days before your visa expires.

In order to obtain an e-visa , Rwanda Immigration Services provide a fast and easy-to-use online portal to US travelers can access and apply by following 3 simple steps:

  • On the first step, the application online forms must be done with exact passport and personal information by US citizens.
  • On the second step, US nationals are required to choose the payment method and pay for e-visa fees on a secure platform. Please note that to check your information twice to ensure that all your information is correct before making a payment.
  • On the final step, US citizens will receive the electronic visa as a file PDF. Remember to print out at least 1 copy of the document before going to the border control at the airport.

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