Can South African passport holders visit Rwanda without a visa?

Any South African passport holders who want to visit Rwanda must have a visa or they will be rejected at the border control. All travelers who own South African passports also apply for an e-visa because South Africa is not in the exempt countries list for entering Rwanda. So, remember that a valid passport is one of the conditions to meet the requirements for having a Rwanda visa. 

Previously, South Africa citizens had to wait in line to have an in person interview with the embassies or consulates for a long period of time. This wastes a lot of time for travelers to obtain an e-visa which makes them lose their interest in visiting Rwanda. By the convenient online portal at Rwanda Immigration Services, it will be easier and smoother for South African passport holders to apply for an e-visa many times if they want within a few minutes. The process time is also quick too, it just only takes them 1 to 3 working days to have Rwanda e-visa for South Africans.

If South African citizens plan to visit Rwanda, they must consider having a valid visa first. And then prepare all necessary documents for completing the application form easier because we may ask them to provide some.

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