Can Nigerian citizens visit Rwanda without a visa?

No, a visa is a must-have document for Nigeria travelers to enter Rwanda legally. If they do not have a valid e-visa, they will be barred from going through at the border control at the airport. Nowadays, getting a visa is easier than ever before, the Rwanda government has published the e-visa digital system for Nigeria citizens to apply for an e-visa in the fastest way. With a matter of minutes, Nigeria citizens 

The Rwandan government has approved e-visa for the purposes of tourism, sightseeing, business and transit. Others who want to apply for an e-visa with different purposes such as study, medical or employment must seek traditional e-visa by managing an interview with embassies or consulates. Unfortunately, there is no Rwanda Embassy in Nigeria, travelers must go to the nearest country to apply for one. 

Before applying for an e-visa, please remember to check your visa is valid at least 6 months from the date of issue. After applying and submitting necessary documents, Nigerians’ e-visa will be processed in 1 or 3 working days. With just electronic devices which have an internet connection, Nigeria travelers can have their own e-visa for visiting Rwanda as long as the visa expires.

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